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Hammamet Weather - Fine and sunny whatever the season

Holidays in Hammamet are certain to enjoy fine sunny weather whatever the season with a Mediterranean style climate producing hot and dry conditions in summer and pleasantly mild winter temperatures. Hammamet weather sees a fabulous record of sunshine through the seasons with usually only a brief interruption for precipitation.

Hammamet Weather - Bathed in glorious sunshine all summer
The perfect sunny climate is what attracts so many visitors to a Hammamet holiday although the heat can be fierce, especially from July to September where temperatures of 40c are not unheard of. Hammamet weather should however enjoy 32c on average during July and up to 13 hours of sunshine.  Pleasant breezes are a permanent fixture of Hammamet weather and for all but the very hottest days, keeps temperatures manageable for undemanding outdoor activity and water sports.
Bright sunshine and mild low season temperatures
Autumn and winter continues in a pattern of fine weather which sees sunshine for most of the time and a reasonably small possibility of rain. Temperatures are significantly lower yet still mild and comfortable for most visitors, especially coming from a cold and damp British winter. Hammamet weather should experience at least 6 hours of sunshine with temperatures still up to 20c in November. Rainy days are not too frequent with irregular brief showers that may alternate with fine weather.
2021-12-08 21°C
2021-12-09 14°C
2021-12-10 17°C
2021-12-11 14°C
2021-12-12 14°C
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